What is included in a subscription plan?

We post 2-4 videos a month--at least one full-length class and a few extras such as tutorials or phrasework! 

You also get access to the Community Board, where you can ask questions, follow along with challenges, and get connect with other movers around the world. 

How much experience do I need to join?

None! We have videos for movers of all levels (from beginner to professional). Through the range of videos we offer, everyone can get something out the classes within their current experience level.

If you're new to dance (or floorwork), you'll have everything you need to start your journey -or- if you're a professional, you'll have what you need to enhance your artistry and vigorously train your body.

**If you are newer to dance, we'd suggest starting with our "Foundations" category and any videos that are "open" or "beginning" level.

**If you are familiar with floorwork, we'd suggest diving into the "Concepts" category to prompt some qualitative and textural choices as you dive into other videos that are "intermediate" to "advanced" level. "Open" level classes are also created with professionals in mind and would be a great option for days you want to go back to the basics, incorporate your own style, improvise, or work on improving your quality.

How much space do I need for these classes?

10' x 10' (3m x 3m)

Help! I need some class-taking tips!

We get it. Learning floorwork through a screen is haaaard!! We spent a lot of time teaching over Zoom and have learned a few things that can make the experience a bit easier.

Here are our best tips:

  • Mirrored classes — Face your screen and mirror your teacher - it might feel more challenging at first, but you'll catch more details from the front view than the back view in the long run

  • Facing back classes — Treat this as a "traditional" dance class, where the teacher faces front and you are behind them.

  • Yoga + Pilates classes are not mirrored.

  • Look at how much space is between your bony landmarks on the floor (ie: your hand and hip) and then check the teacher. Often, something feels "off" because the placement between your support points are either too far apart or too close together.

  • Focus on which direction the weight is shifting from movement to movement so you can start to feel the natural pattern of the phrase. With this will come a better awareness of what your support point is.

A few general guidelines:

  • Keep your feet on the floor for (almost all!) rolls, slides, and 2nd slides

  • Keep your palms flat on the floor for the most stable weight bearing (unless you're a breaker -- in that case, just do your thing!)

  • Try to make everything as quiet as possible! This means you're moving with clarity and keeping your body safe

  • When in doubt: move slower in order to find more clarity

What is the "follow-along" class filter?

This is a class structure we use often in our in-person classes, where we move across the floor with a singular movement and dancers follow along. Classes with this filter use this same approach but for smaller spaces in order to give you some of the benefits of the follow-along structure.

How do I cancel?

If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership at any time. Follow the prompts to cancel on the Billing page, and your membership will not renew. Please note that there aren’t refunds for partially unused membership periods.

Need more guidance, contact us!

Feel free to reach out by email anytime — groundgrooves@normal-future.com